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paper and computer based

What you can do with Questify

Questify is a module-based platform. It allows you to develop, deliver and analyse multimedia and adaptive tests in a secure environment. With Questify, you can efficiently assess people's skills. You can also gain an objective understanding of a person's knowledge, skills and competences.

  • Questify = Modular

    Every client has its own architecture with existing front- and back-end applications. That's why we focus with Questify on the Core: Questify Builder and Player. With the use of open standards QTI and LTI we make the necessary interfaces with client solutions. For instance with candidate registration systems. Questify has a variety of built-in modules that can be applied depending on the requirements of the client. A flexible system that easily adapts to your testing needs.

  • Scalability and continuity

    Up scaling is our specialty, to accommodate a large number of concurrent users. Taking necessary measure within the architecture guarantees no downtime even when the internet connection is lost. Audio and video load quickly, ensuring that all candidates enjoy the same test experience, regardless of bandwidth.
  • Template-based

    Questify Builder a 'template'-based solution with the goal to simplify the test-development process. It ensures rendering consistency with use of item-, test- and selection (test blueprints) templates. It increases the author’s efficiency as the templates are ready to use. The author selects the item- or test template that is most appropriate for their requirements. And off you go…
  • Item template

    Authors can put all the requirements for a particular test in the item template (form). They can also define any variables within a specific project, such as the attributes to be used. This could include the use of a ruler, magnifying glass, audio, highlighter, or spell checker. Authors can also configure the resolution and enter data relating to the stem of the item. Things that should stay the same throughout (such as the requirement that all items should be positioned in the centre of the screen) are fixed in the selected templates. These need only be specified once.
  • Multilingual

    Questify allows you to offer your tests in many different languages.
  • High stakes

    A platform has to be suitable for administering 'high-stakes' tests in high volumes. This means that both the system and the test environment need to be secure. The system itself must be 'externally' secure, meaning candidates cannot use any other programmes during the test. 'Internal' security measures are also essential. This is why Questify test packages are specially encrypted. They can be opened only in the designated test-taking location, by the designated candidate.
  • Generic and customised

    Questify is designed to be generic where possible, but it can also be customised thanks to the modular structure of the system. There are many different types of test, each with its own specific characteristics. The structure of a driving test theory exam will be different to the structure of a test for pre-schoolers, for example. The items will be presented differently and employ a different logic. For example, tests for pre-schoolers will also be used for diagnostic purposes.
    Naturally, there is also some overlap. We always try to identify any such areas in order to prevent any duplication of effort. No matter what your requirements are, we can always provide a suitable solution.
    Let's look at the example of a formative test. You need specific feedback to be provided to candidates whilst they are taking this test. There are various way of providing a candidate with feedback whilst they are answering a particular item. This could be in the form of immediate feedback that a question has been answered correctly, or that the candidate has answered incorrectly and may attempt the question again before proceeding.

  • Application

    Questify can be used at all levels of education, from pre-school to higher education. The system is also well-suited for use by testing institutes in a professional environment, where it can be used for certification, assessment and competence measurement. The Questify system can be used for producing and administering a huge variety of different tests and exams. Cito has been using the platform in the Netherlands for over ten years, deploying Questify across its entire portfolio.

  • Online and Offline

    The test-taking module (Player) can be used in many different scenarios. We know that our clients need to be able to administer tests both online and offline. The Questify team ensures that you have the right architecture in place to do so and provides advice on the available options.


The platform currently includes the following modules:

Questify's strength lies in the way that it integrates creation (Builder module) and test-taking (Player module). Because these modules are so perfectly matched, developers are able to see how tests will appear on-screen, even during the creation stage.

  • Builder

    Questify Builder is the module used for the entire test creation process, right up until the time that the candidates sit the test. Its main functions are as follows:

    • item creation
    • item banking
    • test assembly
    • test publication (paper and computer-based)

    Questify has various helpful management features. Item banking allows users to manage items, but the platform also enables users to manage media, tests, templates and selections (test blueprints and item searches, for example).
    In the computer-based creation process, the end product is a 'test package', which can be delivered using the Questify Player or another (QTI-based) player. The end product for paper-and-pencil tests can be a Word document (test booklets).

  • Player

    The Builder and Player modules form the core of the Questify platform. Test packages are first created using Questify Builder and then administered using Player. Added security can be established by using Questify Player to create a secure desktop. When activated, this means that users are unable to access other applications on the test computer. The Builder module includes a preview function, allowing authors to see how items will appear on the candidates' screens. By using Questify Player, you can guarantee that items created in Builder are displayed in the correct format.
  • Planner, Rater, Reporter

    Questify is made up of various modules and you can select the ones you need.
    The core modules (Builder and Player) allow you to create and administer tests and provide links to a wide range of other front- and back-end systems. You can use various complementary modules, such as the Planner, Scheduler and Reporter, to enhance the functionality of your Questify system. This modular structure allows for greater flexibility when creating your system. It also makes it easy to control costs.

    In our experience, the need for the Planner, Rater and Reporter modules can vary a lot. That's why we decided to offer Questify as a modular system. It is not our intention to offer a 'one size fits all' solution. What we can do, however, is to show you the different scenarios for which we have developed solutions. These solutions can then be taken as a starting point and further developed to suit your needs.