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Questify - the software platform for planning, authoring, delivering, assessing and reporting high-quality tests and exams.
Developed together with test experts, psychometricians and item authors, Questify is designed for a wide range of tests and exams. The platform offers you quality, security, speed and reliability, and benefits from Cito's expertise in the field of psychometrics. Using the platform enables you to provide valid and reliable insights into people's development potential, regardless of test location.
With Questify, you can create high-quality tests that assess exactly what they are meant to assess.

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Why Questify?

Assessments should be fair and well thought out with nothing left to chance. We believe that everyone has the right to a fair assessment, and that's why Questify allows you to set the parameters which will be applied when you create a test. This is the only way to ensure that every candidate gets the most suitable assessment for them. We developed the platform in collaboration with Cito to make sure that this strict quality requirement was met. Cito uses Questify as the production platform for its tests and exams.

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Here at Questify, we believe that each and every candidate has the right to a fair assessment. Tests should be administered properly and results should be interpreted correctly. These results should accurately reflect a candidate's potential and limitations. This is why we developed Questify, a software system that allows you to produce high-quality test and exam authoring.

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We're always happy to help. By listening to your ideas and what you need, we can demonstrate how you would benefit from using Questify.
We can show you the look and feel of the platform and help you to make informed choices by providing demonstrations specially adapted to your needs. These can take place at a location that suits you, or we can hold an online meeting.
You simply click on the link that we will send you, we can then share screens and you can ask questions in real time. This lets us show you how to develop a test using our Questify platform.

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